Rye Flour

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Bagged Rye.JPG

Rye Flour


Our rye is organically grown then stone ground into flour. Traditionally used in making rye bread, rye’s malty, nutty flavor is today being used to enhance flavors in everything from wheat breads, cookies, pancakes, and even brownies.  Or, if you’re really adventurous, you can distill whiskey! Certified Organic by MOSA. Available in 4# packages.

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We sell our retail flour in four pound (4#) quantities. Due to the costs associated with shipping, the minimum flour order is 4#. If you are considering a larger order than what is listed, please contact us for shipping rates.

Charges for shipping are as follows:

4# = $7

8# = $10

12# = $18.85

16# = $25

20# = $30