John & Nic in front of the stone mill. 

John & Nic in front of the stone mill. 

John Limbach & Nic Novaczyk, Owners

Lifelong eaters of delicious baked goods, John Limbach and Nic Novaczyk believe in the power of a warm slice of bread or a freshly baked cookie to spread joy and create connections.

Their business partnership is the result of a longtime family friendship, spurred on by a mutual love of the outdoors and a passion for land stewardship and conservation. Eventually their shared passion for entrepreneurship led them to take the leap of faith that is Grafton Stone Mill.

Through Grafton Stone Mill John and Nic want to promote the return of heirloom or heritage grains to Wisconsin, along with a greater diversity of grains being grown in the region. They believe that these principles, alongside organic growing practices, can increase water and soil quality and positively impact species diversity - coming full circle to their shared interest in environmental stewardship.

Together they are thrilled to offer a product they truly believe in, and one that is high quality, nutritious and bakes wonderfully into joyful and delicious creations.