Welcome to Grafton Stone Mill

I'd like to introduce you to Grafton Stone Mill- it's a project we've been working on since early spring, and it's just about ready to come to fruition.  First, I'll tell you what we're about and what we'd like to accomplish as a business and organic food producer, and second give you an update on where we are at in the process.

Grafton Stone Mill intends to introduce organic, locally grown wheat that's been milled into flour,  and other small grains to Wisconsin.  About half of our grains will be heirloom and ancient varieties, some not having been grown in Wisconsin in many years.  This past summer we worked to establish relationships with organic grain growers in Wisconsin, and combined our first 3 partners have over 50 years of experience growing, cleaning, and processing organic grains. We couldn't be happier with the partners we've worked with so far.  This season they produced thousands of bushels of organic wheat and heirloom wheat for baking anything you can think of. You'll soon be able to find them at local farmers markets, restaurants and bakeries you visit, retail outlets, and of course on our website.  Another strong opportunity for our grains exists in the craft distilling industry.  Distillers around the country are using local organic grains in their spirits, and we'd love to help them.

We're getting close, SO close to be able to start milling our wheat.  Our mill arrived from Austria a few weeks ago, and we'll get some pictures up soon of the mill and a video of how it works.  We acquired our grain cleaners and a gravity table to separate the best grains, and we're in process of building out our facility, including a clean room for milling and packaging.  And of course will be certified organic by MOSA, which will happen in the next two weeks.   So stay tuned, we will be providing regular updates now, and are looking forward to getting this fully off the ground.